A Story to be Told

It was just a year and a half ago as Olivia took off from Gatwick airport to LA LA Land to get some “headspace”, that the idea of starting her own business came to her…

It had been a dream of hers since she could remember; so upon her return to England, she registered the company name with Companies House, bought her web address, got a friend to make her website and set up in her living room!

One year later, Olivia is servicing the SME’s of North of England with Social Media Training, Management, Web Design, Copywriting, Print… the list goes on. She keeps her overheads down through outsourcing design work and through the kindness of her boyfriend’s father, who has given a desk within his own office space in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Olivia enthuses “At the start of setting up your own business, it’s scary so you ask a lot of questions and take up as many favours as you can- everyone has been so very kind and supportive of making my dream a reality.”

Her first year has been a fruitful one turning over 30,000K. She is now looking to solidify this initial success, with a view to employing an intern from Leeds Beckett later this year (She is currently studying CIM Diploma in Marketing there, adding to her BA Hons from Northumbria). It just shows that despite the Credit Crunch and Brexit, there is still room for savvy little players like The Storyteller!

To find out more about Olivia and The Storyteller, please click here to visit her website.