Stocking Filler Socks that Save Endangered Species

Socks for Christmas

Imagine if your Christmas gifts could save a critically endangered species?    

SocksCritically Endangered Socks has launched a five piece sock collection so you can do just that. Retailing at £12    per pair and available in two sizes,(UK 4 – 7 and 8 – 13) the mind blowingly soft and luxurious socks are made from a blend of sustainably sourced, Oeko Tex certified bamboo and cotton.

Each pair is named after and draws inspiration from one of five critically endangered animals, with 20% of sales going towards a different hand picked animal charity, making receiving socks for Christmas at last far more interesting. You can read more about the charities here.

In the first year, the London based startup has already notably protected 20,000 square metres of rainforest habitat in Borneo, home to the critically endangered Borneo Orangutan, of which there are only 40,000 left. The Orangutan pair is orange in a nod to the Orangutan’s auburn fur.    

SocksThe company also supports the Maui Dolphin (63 left in the wild) with a deep blue pair to match the sea amongst which the animal spends its days, the Amur Leopard (just 100 left in the wild) with a grey and white pair, influenced by the leopards light winter coat, the Sumatran Elephant (2,000 left in the wild) with a pink pair to match the animals pinkish grey colouring and the Hawksbill Turtle (23,000 nesting females left in the wild) with a green pair to match the luscious algae which the animal dines on day and night.    

The socks are packaged in a recycled cardboard box which includes a simple fact sheet informing customers about the critically endangered animal charity they are supporting with each purchase.    

Every sock also features an embroidered icon of the animal they protect, serving as a true badge of honor for the wearer.

The socks, which are only available online, offer effortless, timeless style which can be worn with pride again and again.

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